About Captain Eric

My First memories of fishing were with my Grandpa. I used to spend every summer at my grandparents’ house fishing off their dock, and it was here that I caught my first redfish. Ever since that day, my “hobby” of fishing has turned into an obsession.

When I was in college, I spent almost all of my free time fishing. At first, it just started as me fishing alone, but as more and more of my friends started to see what I was catching, I soon started to take more and more of my friends out fishing. It was one of those same friends who planted the idea in my head about doing what I really loved and taking others fishing for a living. And as soon as I graduated college, I did! I started my business right after graduating and purchased my first boat to guide clients.

It has since been almost 10 years now, and even though many things have changed, many still remain the same. What remains the same is both my passion for fishing and the experience of sharing that with others. Being able to share the experience of someone either catching their first fish, biggest fish, or just having a great day on the water and showing them something new is awesome thing, and I'm very grateful to take part in that with so many of my clients.

So what has changed? The fish! When I first started my business, I mainly only fished for inshore species, but in the last decade I guess you could say that I've also gotten "slightly obsessed" with going deeper and farther offshore in search of BIGGER and BADDER fish. Because of this, the boats have also changed. Or let's just say, I've added a couple more!

- Capt. Eric Myers